An Honor in Service

On Saturday, February 2nd, Troop 2019 had the honor of greeting guests and being the color guard for Colonel Stacy Babcock’s promotion to Brigadier General.

The ceremony held at the American Legion Cottreall-Warner Post #942 was packed with Colonel Babcock’s friends, family, and colleagues in support of her ongoing dedication and distinguished service to our country.

Our four-person color guard learned to walk in step and present the colors (United States flag and U.S. Army flag) according to Colonel Babcock’s direction and Scoutmaster Trisch’s coaching.

Even though there was a cue hiccup at the beginning of the ceremony, the girls represented our troop admirably and pushed on through without stuttering.

Our two youngest members unsheathed Brigadier General’s personal colors, which contains a red field with single white star, at the time of promotion.

After the ceremony the scouts mingled with the guests and shake hands with the newly promoted General, and enjoyed some tasty food.

We would also like to shout out to our Committee Chair Sarah and Assistant Scoutmaster Linda who designed and hand made the custom neckerchiefs specifically for this event. The troop looked wonderful in uniform!

It was an honor for our two day-old troop to be invited to this wonderful event and we can’t wait to see what happens next!